A new online experience for payment app Tikkie


Summary of services
  • UI/UX design
  • Motion design
  • Digital Design
  • Development


Helping evolve an already established and easily recognised brand as they enter the business to business market. The savior of bill-splitting everywhere. Tikkie is a Dutch app from ABN AMRO which allows users to conveniently send payment requests using WhatsApp or text message. Since its launch, its customer base has risen to over 5 million users. Although it is an ABN AMRO initiative, clients of all Dutch banks can use Tikkie totally free of charge. We were asked to create an identity and digital experience for Tikkie to mark the launch of their b2b services for small and large businesses in The Netherlands.

Evolving a household name

Our challenge was how to help already established and easily recognised brand enter the business to business market. Tikkie’s is known for its ease to use, therefore it was important to continue their simple but engaging brand experience. We adapted Tikkie’s existing brand language to work online more effectively. Creating a wider digital colour palette and a series of playful animations to act as tutorials for the product's functionality.

After launch

This work, done with and for our friends, aspires to leave Tikkie well-prepared to meet the opportunities of the future, while still remaining connected to their remarkable past. We regularly work with Tikkie to adapt the design and development as they continue to grow.