Nike Train & Play


Summary of services
  • UI/UX design
  • experience design
  • Motion design
  • Development


Nike came to us with a brief for an interactive online game to get kids active. Children today are around 15% less fit than their parents were at the same age and as parents are one of the most important role models for kids, the idea was to get parents and kids exercising together. We set about finding a new unique way to get kids on their feet and engaged, using tech to bring new layers to simple exercises: adding coaching, gamification, scalability, and Nike-swag. 

Bringing families together over excercise

We built two unique mobile-first, in-browser virtual exercises, playing keepy-uppy or dancing. Allowing kids to earn stickers and share your skills and get active.

The idea is that their parent is holding the phone and instructing the kid on how to be active and score points and move to the next levels. Making exercise a daily routine.

Designing a look and feel inspired by vintage graphics but with a modern twist. A library of interactive animated elements. An engaging fusion of elements for both generations.

Ongoing & the result

The end result is an application that uses the device camera to track a user's motion and uses that information to interact with objects on the screen.

It has 1.7 Million views and over 19.000 playing sessions with an average of 7 min physical engagement. With more ongoing work from Nike we hope to bring you more joy.